ILA ASPECT British School, KADETSKAYA branch

The KADETSKAYA branch of ASPECT British school is located near the Neva river - on KADETSKAYA Line of Vasilievsky Island. The school location is convenient not only for the residents of Vasilievsky Island, but also for the residents of Krestovsky Island, Central and Petrogradsky Districts. ILA ASPECT British School has been cooperating with ‘State Secondary School #35’ for 9 years. This cooperation has provided us with maximum advantages because by opun graduation students receive not only General Secondary Education Certificates, but also internationaly recognised FCE certificates.

For English classes, students are divided into groups of up to 9 people each. Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) is an integral part of the programme: children study special subjects, such as Science, Biology and Geography, in English.

Academic life of students is perfectly supplemented with the varied entertainment programme. Primary school students attend various clubs and studios and perform in different stage shows in English. Secondary school students are engaged in multiple project activities; a variety of lectures and meetings are organised for them, too.




Native and bilingual teachers


Years of successful work


Of students successfully pass Cambridge exams


The school provides comfortable learning environment for students. Educational process in classrooms is supported by highly qualified psychologists. Teachers and administration are always ready for cooperation. The school follows all security requirements: a large fenced outdoor area, indoor and outdoor security cameras, and ID-controlled turnstile access.

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Academic programme

Students of ASPECT British school study according to two programmes at the same time. In the morning, the core academic programme is delivered, which reflects the strategy a state school in Russia. In the afternoon, children study in accordance with ‘British standards’, the additional academic programme for learning English.

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Viktoria Kokurina Head of KADETSKAYA branch

School time is the period when everyone should get one's priorities right. Strong knowledge base and language proficiency will help our students to take a leap into the future with self-confidence and see new opportunities.

Daniil Titov Head of KADETSKAYA branch

ASPECT British school is a successful cooperation of two academic programs – Russian and British. Children get knowledge not only in general subjects, but also in ones that are taught in English. Throughout all school time, teaching process is carried out by foreign and bilingual English teachers. Students may also proove their knowledge passing different international exams. In the era of globalization it is impossible to imagine a well-educated person without knowledge of English.

Our staff

Highly qualified and experienced teachers from Russia, the UK, the USA and other English-speaking countries give children the opportunity to learn with pleasure, making their life at ILA ASPECT bright and eventful!

Terms of admission

If you want your children to get the best education and study in a private English school, it is not necessary to send them abroad. Children may get the best education at ILA ASPECT British School. .

The KADETSKAYA branch accepts children from 1 to 11 form students.

Steps to follow when applying for the KADETSKAYA branch:


Make an appointment with the head of the department. The child's presence at the first meeting is optional.


Take an assessment with the specialists and teachers. Sign the contract, get the assessment report from the speacialists, and undertake a consultation on document proceeding.


Fill out the application form and the entry questionnaire «Child personal data» (in the office of the branch), provide documents for registration.


Sign the educational services agreement.


Visit the medical centre and get the doctor's permission note.


Your child is an ILA ASPECT student!

Each child is a person
with the potential to succeed.