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ASPECT British School

Английская британская школа ASPECT

ASPECT British School

Your child can attend a private English school without travelling to Great Britain. ASPECT British School, part of the large educational ASPECT (Holding) Company in Saint Petersburg, provides top quality education.

In 2011 ASPECT was officially recognized as Cambridge ESOL Exam Preparation Centre. This award serves as a mark of distinction and proof that the company adheres to the highest global standards in teaching English.

Английская британская школа ASPECT

ASPECT British School made up of LINE 2 and KADETSKAYA Branches is the only of its kind in Saint Petersburg, a unique joint project of private and state education that brings together the academic style of the Russian educational system and the advantages of the British educational system. We run Primary English School for children aged 7-11, Middle and High English School for children aged 11-18.

ASPECT British School, KRESTOVSKY branch, offers a new mode of study for its students based on the British system of education. KRESTOVSKY branch runs Pre-school and Primary School and caters for children aged 3 to 11.

The pupils of ASPECT British School get secondary education in accordance with the Federal State Educational Standards (FGOS) and Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Our graduates receive a State Secondary Education Certificate (‘Attestat o srednem obrazovanii’) and an official Cambridge English Certificate. Our graduates are fluent in English and can continue their further education in the top universities worldwide as well as their peers who studied abroad.

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)

ASPECT British School is an educational complex that follows the best Russian core curriculum as well as the ‘British Standards’ English language programme. A CLIL approach is an essential element of the ‘British Standards’ programme as it has proved to be the most effective when language and subject content are taught side by side.

Стандарты Российского и Британского образования

Top UK

Англоязычная среда

English language

Педагоди из США и Великобритании

Annual Cambridge
English Exams

Российские преподаватели

Free pre-entry

Комфортные условия в европейском стиле

Educational trips
to Great Britain

Инновационный подход к обучению английскому языку

accreditation certificate

Top quality education

During its existence ASPECT British Kindergarten has become quite popular not only among the inhabitants of Vasilievsky Island but also among those of the whole city. We have children from Repino and Komarovo, the Primorsky and Petrograd Districts, as well as from the city centre. This is the highest acclaim of our programmes.

Высокий уровень Британского образования