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ILA ASPECT British Kindergarten

Обучение в Британском детском саду

ILA ASPECT British Kindergarten

The private British kindergarten ILA ASPECT, one of the top private kindergartens in St Petersburg, aims to instill communication skills in children and to teach them to feel comfortable in any society. The British kindergarten’s educational system encourages the development of the child’s creative abilities and characteristics. ILA ASPECT’s main emphasis is on bilingual education, which begins at an early age.

Обучение в Британском детском саду

The private British kindergarten ILA ASPECT accepts children from 2 years old, believing that the earlier the child starts the adaptation process, the more successful they will become. Our programmes are designed in such a way that the transition from parental care to the world of peers is very easy.

The main feature of our preschool institution is that the child’s education starts from an early age and passes through the Russian pre-school education programme in accordance with Federal State Educational Standards, and the British Standards programme. Parents are given a unique opportunity, without leaving Russia, to assess the advantages of the British system of education and upbringing of children.

School Preparation
Early learning groups

We also provide professional care, a comfortable psychological atmosphere and the development of your child’s versatile abilities. ILA ASPECT British Kindergarten teachers will be happy to help the little ones find their place in our society.

Стандарты Российского и Британского образования

Effective adaptation
for Primary School

Англоязычная среда

English language

Педагоди из США и Великобритании

Resource books and board
games from the UK

Российские преподаватели

Early bilingual

Комфортные условия в европейском стиле

Speech therapy services
and psychological counselling

Инновационный подход к обучению английскому языку


First-rate education

During its existence ILA ASPECT British Kindergarten has become quite popular not only among the inhabitants of Vasilievsky Island but also among those of the whole city. We have children from Repino and Komarovo, the Primorsky and Petrograd Districts, as well as from the city centre. This is the highest acclaim of our programmes.

Высокий уровень образования в детском саду