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ASPECT offers

Russian and British Educational Standards

Russian and British
Educational Standards

English-speaking Environment


Experienced Teachers from Great Britain and USA

Experienced Teachers from
Great Britain and USA

Highly-qualified Russian Teachers

Russian Teachers

Comfortable Learning Environment

Learning Environment

Innovative and Creative Teaching Methods

Innovative and Creative
Teaching Methods


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Has ASPECT got an educational accreditation certificate?

LA ASPECT has State Educational Accreditation Certificate #3327 issued by St Petersburg Department for Education on February 16, 2018.

How are ASPECT branches different from each other?

KRESTOVSKY branch caters for children aged 3 to 11.

LINE-2 and KADETSKAYA branch accepts pupils aged 7 to 17.

NALICHNAYA branch welcomes children aged 2 to 7.

Head Office on Kanal Griboyedova caters for adults and young adults.

What diplomas and international certificates do ASPECT pupils get upon graduation?

All graduates take EGE (Russian Unified State Exams) and get the Russian State Certificate of Secondary Education.

At the age of 16 all pupils take Cambridge B2 First and receive Cambridge B2 First Certificate.

How many children are currently enrolled at ASPECT? What age are they?

Over 250 children aged 2 to 7 are registered in pre-school programmes of study.

Over 100 children aged 7 to 11 are registered at our primary schools.

Over 350 children aged 11 to 17 are registered at our secondary schools.

Does ASPECT British school offer the British National Curriculum (BNC)?

Yes, pupils enrolled at ASPECT, KRESTOVSKY branch, at 8 Vyazovaya St., have a chance to follow both Russian FGOS-based (Federal State Educational Standard) and British BNC-based programmes of study concurrently.

KRESTOVSKY branch accepts children aged 3+:

  • Nursery -- 3-5 y.o.
  • Reception 1 (Year 1) -- 5-6 y.o.
  • Reception 2 (Year 2) -- 6-7 y.o.
  • Primary School -- 7-10 y.o.

What afterschool clubs and studios for children does the company offer?

ASPECT offers a wide range of additional clubs and studios such as painting and sculpting, sports, dancing, intellectual development classes, as well as craft workshops and a drama club.

Individual and groups lessons are available both in Russian and in English.



Age: 2-7 | British kindergarten m.Primorskaya, ul.Nalichnaya, 34/2 +7 (921) 326-30-30


Age: 3-11 | Nursery, Reception, Primary School m.Krestovsky ostrov, ul. Vyazovaya, 8 +7 (921) 449-30-00 +7 (931) 250-83-37

LINE 2 branch

Age: 7-18 | Primary School, Secondary School m.Vasileostrovskaya, 2-ya liniya Vasilevskogo ostrova, 43 +7 (921) 395-61-57


Age: 7-18 | Primary School, Secondary School m.Vasileostrovskaya, Kadetskaya liniya, 3 +7 (921) 747-88-76