Nalichnaya welcomes children from 1.5 years old

ILA ASPECT British Kindergarten on 34 Nalichnaya ulitsa welcomes children from 1.5 years old to ‘A-Baby’ Early Childhood Development Centre.

Adaptation in kindergarten is a challenging but crucial period for all members of the family. At the same time this is a very important milestone in child’s social development. In order to provide comfortable adaptation ILA ASPECT British Kindergarten Nalichnaya Branch is happy to offer ‘A-Baby’ Early Childhood Development Centre preparatory classes for children and parents, held three times a week and lasting a couple hours each.

Call for details:   +7-921-326-30-30

“Teachers, psychologists and speech therapists create friendly and comfortable atmosphere, pay attention to both the mother and her baby, respond to their needs, and provide all necessary information. Children build with play dough, draw, play and dance along with their mothers and teachers. They get used to the toys and household items they will surrounded with when they start attending the kindergarten. In the classroom, children gradually learn to engage in games and classes without parent’s participation and support, building trust in teachers. So step by step children gain social experience, whereas parents, watching the kindergarten routine, can address their questions to the administration and kindergarten specialists. Calm and informed parents are the key to the child’s successful adaptation.”.

Olga Poletaeva, Educational psychologist, ILA ASPECT British Kindergarten